Your shoes are your best friend when it comes to dancers, we know that. That’s why our extensive range of thigh-high boots come in a variety of gorgeous, stylish choices. While we have several colors, materials, and patterns to choose from, all our thigh high boots adopt our signature design because we know we’ve more than perfected it! Made with a simple open toe style and featuring a 7-inch stiletto heel, the design of our thigh-high boots was created to feel and look amazing on any woman or dancer. 

Breathable, dance-proof and beyond comfortable, these thigh-high boots can be worn for hours on end and remain the comfiest pair of shoes you’ve ever owned. Let’s look at some of our signature designs to see which ones are the best match for you. 

Our fringe thigh-high boots are a gorgeous and signature piece that never goes out of style. And how could they? Mixing the perfect amount of sleekness with boldness, these knee-high boots were made for those of you that live to make a daring statement. Designed with a fun fringe trim, our fringed thigh-high boots are available in several different options. If you love glam and are after a sparkly statement, we’ve got the perfect rhinestone fringe pair that was just made for you. They’re available in several different designs and colors so take your pick! 

If you still want to make a bold statement but aren’t really a glam kind of girl, look at our faux leather fringe thigh-high boots. These are available in three color options for you to choose from. We have the seductive and statement red, the sleek and fun silver or the daringly bold black. What one will you go for? 

Lastly, for a more timeless and classic pair of thigh-high boots, we offer a sleek faux leather pair of thigh-high boots. These are available in three different colors for you to choose from - red, white, and black. While these thigh-high boots are still daringly gorgeous, they’re a bit more on the tame side and are perfect to pair with a statement outfit. 

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6 products