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It’s still beyond strange to think that face masks and coverings have become so normal. Unfortunately, though, they have. You can’t go anywhere these days without a face mask with you, so we thought, why not make them an accessory as well as a mandatory safety precaution? 

Shop Attitude Behaviours exclusive collection of face masks online today and be safe in the knowledge that we’re prioritizing both your health and style at the same time. Not that your style is as important as your health but there’s no reason you can’t look fierce while still staying safe! Anyway, whoever said you couldn’t make a mandatory mask sexy or stylish? 

Our one size fits all face masks are incredibly diverse as they’re made of four-way stretch spandex. This means that they’re the perfect option and fit for everyone as they adjust to the contours of your face. Whether you’re an exotic dancer that needs that extra bit of precaution on stage or you just happen to love the design of one of our masks, our masks are made for everyone that wants to look good and keep themselves and others safe at the same time. 

Breathable, soft, and stretchy, our face masks prioritize comfort just as much as they prioritize safety. No more of those masks that dig into your ears and say goodbye to the masks that slide down your nose every chance they get! These face masks are designed to stay in place and do the job until you say otherwise. Not only are they incredibly comfortable but they’re also extremely affordable too so you’re not going to have to fork out a small fortune for a glorified strip of fabric. 

Our luxury face masks come in a gorgeous pink and yellow design that we know you’ll just love. This offers a fun and bold look and is guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd of otherwise simple, plain face masks. These face masks also pair great with some of our exotic dancer outfits and sets so have a look at them and see what you fancy!

Whether you’re buying for the style or for the comfort of safety, just remember to stay safe, ladies!


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