Knee High Boots

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We know how much you dancers rely on a trusty pair of shoes, believe us. That’s why our knee-high boots not only look gorgeous but are also the comfiest pair of stripper shoes you’ll ever own, too. Both of our knee-high boots adopt our signature design because we know we’ve more than perfected it! Made with a simple open toe style and featuring a killer 7-inch stiletto heel, the design of our knee-high boots was created to not only look fantastic but feel fantastic too. 

Breathable, dance-proof and beyond comfortable, you’re not going to want to take these knee-high boots off by the end of the night! They’re made with a simple yet stylish lace fastening at the back and accompanied by a side zipper, meaning they’re easy to change and will stay snug to your feet. Beautiful and tough, these boots are a dancer's battle armor! 

We offer two different options of knee-high boots that are designed in the same signature style as one another. Both featuring our infamous 7-inch stiletto, open toe, lace-up and zip fastening, the difference between these two shoes is the style themselves. While both daringly bold, we offer a pair that are seductive and sleek and one that offers a sexy and fierce edge. What sort of girl are you? 

The ‘Spectator’ pair of fringed knee-high boots are a stunning and sleek pair that works wonders with every outfit. Made with a fun rhinestone fringe and a sparkly, badass sole, these knee-high boots will empower every dancer out there. 

Our ‘Black Illusion’ knee-high boots are beyond to die for! If your style tends to lean more towards the dark and dangerous side, these boots are without a doubt the perfect pair for you. Encrusted with black studs on the sole and heel itself, these boots mean business. They’re designed with the same rhinestone fringe as our ‘Spectator’ pair but come in a sultry ‘black illusion’ and paired with an audacious, badass attitude!

Whichever of these two knee-high boots you choose, you can feel confident that you’re going to be the sexiest and most powerful woman in the room.  


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