Nipple Pasties

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We know the drill - you’ve got an outfit picked out that you really love but you can’t wear a bra with it, or you’ll ruin it. You could notwear the bra but then your nipples are causing a distraction and poking through the fabric. Or, worse, they might even be completely on show! We know what a pain it can be trying to work your breasts around an outfit you’re excited about, so we’ve got you covered with our stylish and affordable nipple pasties. 

At Attitude Behaviour, we’re passionate about empowering women and every aspect of their bodies. That’s why the nipple pasties we have on offer are designed not to hide your bits but to merely cover them up while looking fashionable while doing so! We loathe the nude plasters that most places sell as pasties and wanted to opt for something more daring, stylish, and fun. There’s no use pretending your nipples aren’t there, as everyone knows they are, so why not keep them covered up with an exciting and fashionable way? 

We offer two types of nipple pasties we know you’ll love. First are our AB crystal pasties that come in a gorgeous and delicate rhinestone pattern. With one size fits all, these pasties are designed to cover all sizes of nipples and are decorated in a delicate and beautiful manner. Whether you have larger or smaller nipples, these pasties are going to leave you entirely covered.

We also offer our signature glow in the dark pasties that are just as beautiful as our AB crystals but twice the fun! These stylish pasties come in the same delicate design as our AB crystals but glow in the dark, of course! Perfect for you exotic dancers that typically work in darker clubs, the glow in the dark pasties will be sure to make you center stage and keep all eyes focused on you.

Not only do both of our pasty’s designs look fantastic but they’re designed to stay in place all night long too. These pasties won’t budge with too much friction or sweat but they’re also pain free to remove as well so you don’t have to worry about that dreaded tear off at the end of the night.  


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