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Ankle Boots

Shoes are a dancer's best friend, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why our range of ankle boots come in a variety of luxurious and fashionable choices. While we have several colors, materials, and patterns to choose from, all our ankle boots adopt our signature design because we know we’ve more than perfected it! Made with a simple open toe style and featuring a 7-inch stiletto heel, the design of our ankle boots was created to not only look fantastic but feel fantastic too. 

Breathable, dance-proof and beyond comfortable, you’re not going to want to take these off by the end of the night! Let’s look at some of our signature designs to see which ones are the best match for you. 

Our fringe ankle boots are a signature piece that never goes out of style. If you’re an exotic dancer that loves to make a bold statement and you can’t say no to a bit of glam, these are the boots for you. Daringly fun and made up of rhinestone fringe, this pair has the perfect amount of sparkle and edge. They’re also designed with a simple lace-up back fastening alongside and a zipper for ease of use. These rhinestone fringe boots are available in 6 gorgeous styles so you can choose the colors that compliment you best. 

If you’re tempted by something a bit more classic, look at our faux leather collection. Designed with a simple yet sleek black finish, these open-toe beauties have a stylish lace-up back and side zip for ease of use. If you’re an edgier girl that has a daring attitude, look at our all-black faux leather option. For you girly girls that want something with a bit more of a feminine touch, look at our rose gold accented pair. 

Another fantastic option is our clear pairs. Gorgeous and sleek, these ankle boots are designed to accentuate an already beautiful outfit without drawing too much attention away from your clothes. Unlike some of our other boots, they’re made to complement other statement pieces rather than be a statement themselves. That doesn’t mean we’ve missed out on any of the sparkles though!