Finding the Perfect Fit and Style of Stripper Shoes

When purchasing a pair of exotic dancer stripper shoes, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, what heel height is appropriate? This depends on how long you've been pole dancing, how much experience you've had wearing heels, and what you'll be wearing them for, such as a pole lesson, photoshoots, or a competition.

Tips for choosing your exotic dance shoes

There are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing stripper shoes and they are entirely dependent on how you want to use them. Are you going to drag them about the floor, banging and clacking your heels? Is it for a picture session, or do you simply want to wear them for tricks and not do any floor work?

Heel height

If this is your first time wearing heels, I recommend starting small with a 5 or 6-inch heel exotic dance shoes and gradually working your way up to a 7 or 8-inch if that is your goal. 8-inch poles are extremely popular in the Exotic Pole scene right now. 9-inch and larger should ideally only be used for photoshoots. Although I've seen several pros dance in them but be warned: it's essentially like balancing on stilts. A 7-inch heel is the ideal preferred height. In my opinion, they're the most versatile and comfortable for dancing, and they're not too heavy when doing tricks. Plus, they make your legs look super long, and they feel sturdy when worn on stage.

Shoe style

The next step is to settle on a shoe style. Nowadays, there is an infinite number of designs to choose from. Let's go down the two most frequent types found in the pole community: the transparent platform and ankle boots. Both have advantages, so it truly comes down to personal taste.

Clear platform sandals are lightweight and available in hundreds of colors, making them simple to match your favorite pole outfit or costume. They are breathable because they are sandals, making them an excellent choice for wearing for extended periods. One thing to keep in mind if you have bigger feet in the front is that the toe strap can feel snug across the front of the foot, especially with the PVC finish, so you may need to get a size up to accommodate this. If you're having trouble with tightness around the toe, here's a helpful trick for stretching out the transparent plastic toe strap!

Ankle boots have grown in popularity over the last five years, coinciding with the rise of the Russian Exotic style. The main advantage of the boots is that they provide toe protection, making them ideal for hardstyle choreography involving Drop Splits, Heel Bangs, and Kips. They may also be a fashionable method to protect your ankles and tops of your feet from pain caused by motions like Remi Sit or climbing. If you choose a patent finish, they may also help with climbing grip! The disadvantage of boots is that they are not breathable; thus, they might become heated when worn for extended periods. They can also slightly crush your toes over time. In terms of sizing, many individuals purchase a size larger in the boots to accommodate socks and foot swelling (due to heat).

If you plan on executing a lot of power spins, leg kicks, and inverted feats, you should invest in a pair of pole shoes with ankle straps to keep your shoes from falling off. They give extra support around your heel and make you feel safer because you know they won't move! It's fine to wear mule-style shoes if you're only going to make some simple motions. They're also fantastic if you're going to be working in a club and need something you can swiftly and easily slide on and off your feet. If you want a pair of mule-type shoes but can't locate them with straps, you may buy some excellent detachable ankle straps.

For trick-heavy routines, avoid wearing slide-on sandals.
You risk your shoes flying off if you don't have anything holding your heels on your feet during power spins or inverted transitions. You may always buy transparent add-on straps to connect to your heels if you prefer the look of slide-on sandals.

Avoid using metal studs or anything else that might scratch the pole.
A single strap buckle looped around your ankle is acceptable, but don't go out and buy gothic heels with 12 hefty buckles and metal spikes across them; otherwise, you'll scrape the pole and destroy the finish and grip over time. Similarly, you risk injuring yourself on the sharp metal, especially if you enjoy floorwork.

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